Custom Digital Smile Designs

Smile Design

Custom Digital Smile Designs

Designing a smile is part art and part science. Meticulous planning and communication between Dr. Baki, the patient, and the master ceramist is key to creating a beautiful, healthy and natural looking smile. There is no such thing as a perfect smile but a smile that is unique for the patient can be achieved by replicating with porcelain the finest nuances found in natural teeth and constructing perfect imperfections that mimic nature. At Keystone Dentistry, Dr. Baki does not just fix teeth but rather builds a smile that will bring balance and symmetry to the entire face. The process of designing a beautiful smile involves detailed analysis of the facial features of the patient including the color/shape/positioning of the eyes, nose, lips and the tone and texture of the skin. Dr. Baki is one of a few select dentists that have training in digital smile design technology to balance, reposition, and enhance a smile digitally which allows the patient to visualize and wear their new smile temporarily prior to any physical modifications to their gums or teeth, leading to a predictable final outcome.

Smile Design Example

Designer Smile
photo studio

Photography is an integral part of the smile makeover process and involves capturing detailed photographs of the patient from start to end. The images must have exceptional detail and accurately reflect the patient’s facial features, teeth and gum shades, textures, and the finest nuances found in natural teeth in order for the master ceramist to layer the porcelain precisely. At Keystone Dentistry our professional photography studio has a complete setup for audio/visual presentation and communication between Dr. Baki, the patient, and the lab.